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Conex Containers

Shipping containers have been given many names. There are people who refer to them as cargo containers, storage containers or conex boxes. All these terms generally have the same meaning. A conex box or storage container is a steel shipping container that has fulfilled all the international standards for shipping. This type of container is normally used commercially overseas. Conex boxes have some unique characteristics that we will mention below.

They are made of steel

Some companies in Charlotte NC sell storage containers that are made of other materials like aluminum, plywood and fiberglass. These are not conex boxes. All conex boxes are made of steel which explains why they are strong and very secure. Steel is a strong material that is able to withstand harsh elements which is why it is preferred for containers used in overseas shipping.

Conex boxes can be specialty containers

Conex boxes can be used to suit a specific need. When this is required, the container will be modified to include special features. There are different types of specialty containers available in Charlotte NC. Some of these containers have an open top or an open side.

They are wind and water tight

High quality conex boxes are able to be used for dry storage. Containers usually come with different conditions and the wind/water-tight features are usually one of the most important. Depending on how you intend to use the conex box, it’s important to find out what its features are.

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They have varying sizes

Shipping containers usually come in a number of standard sizes. The most common are 20’ and 40’ containers. There are also high cube shipping containers which are designed with extra height in order to fit certain types of goods. Shipping containers are usually 8’ in width. These conex boxes usually have a standard door size. Click to read more.

Can be modified to become living spaces

You’ve probably heard of shipping container homes. For a long time now, conex boxes have been modified to suit different needs of users. They are those containers that have been used in construction sites as well as commercial spaces.

Others have designed shipping container homes that have all the amazing features found in modern living spaces. The idea is to share your vision with a company that specializes in building shipping container homes. You will need to invest in a conex box that is ideal for your needs.  More info here.


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