Conex Containers

Are you are looking to invest in shipping containers for personal or commercial use? Like any other purchase, you need to do preliminary research on the product before you buy. We’ll take you through some key aspects about shipping containers that will help you find a product that meets your needs.

How do you intend to use the container?

Shipping containers in Charlotte NC can be used for different purposes. There are those that are designed to store plant and machinery. Others are perfect for storing household items. You can even find a shipping container that can be customized into a living space. The idea is to get the container that meets your needs best. Knowing how the container will be used will help you to narrow down your options based on the most important features.

Will you buy or hire the shipping container?

The decision as to whether you should buy or rent a shipping container lies with you. We recommend buying if you intend to use the container in the long term. Shipping container rentals work best for short term uses. A good example would be a construction site that requires a temporary shelter. You may want to buy a container if you plan on setting up a commercial storage facility. Consider the cost and frequency of use when deciding whether to buy or rent the shipping container.

Should you buy a new or used container?

There are shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC that are used. New containers are also available but many of them are quite costly. Remember that the quality of the shipping container is most important. You can get a used container that has all the features you need at a reduced price. Know what to look for when determining whether the used container will serve your needs in the long term.

Determine the size of the shipping container

The shipping container size that’s best for you will depend on a number of things. Standard shipping containers come with a width of 8ft and length of 40ft. You can get high cube containers which come with an extra foot of height. Know the difference between 20’ and 40’ shipping containers before you buy. It may turn out to be cheaper getting a larger size container than having to hire two separate ones to fit all your items.

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