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AllStates Containers is the place to go for Kannapolis NC storage containers. With an awesome local inventory to choose from, we’ve no doubt you will be able to find the perfect container for your usage.

People frequently rent or lease these items for service on construction sites. These conex boxes work great to hold construction materials, can hold items to be thrown away at a later time, or even as mobile offices. The uses that people find for our shipping containers are incredible!

If you’re interested in making your own “little house”, this is a great place to start and we can provide you with solid information. The uses of these are just astounding.

Container Sizes

20′ and 40′ Containers Available

AllStates Containers carry 20 and 40-foot containers for daily delivery in the Kannapolis area. If you have a slightly different need, please contact us to let us know as we do have other locations and other possible sizes available. Find out more about our 20′ containers or our 40′ containers

About Shipping Containers

They are made of 14 gauge steel providing excellent protection from vandals, thieves, and the weather. If you put something in a storage container, it’s going to stay there. One end of the containers has cargo doors that swing open so it is important to keep this in mind when thinking of a spot to place your container. The doors come with industry-standard weather tight gaskets and are lockable. All-in-all, the storage containers are the preferred choice for temporary or permanent storage of valued equipment and supplies due to their very secure and weather-resistant nature.

Kannapolis NC Storage Containers for Sale

We have a huge selection of storage containers for sale and can deliver them right to your location. We have shipping containers available in 20′ or 40′ sizes. Some of you may also know these as “conex containers” – there are many names for these but they are all the same thing. Most of our storage containers are used at construction and job sites around the Kannapolis NC area, such as for commercial, residential, industrial, and retail construction, but they are also used for a wide variety of uses. While most of the shipping containers we have are 20′ and 40′ in size, we also have other sizes available as well that are perfect for your particular situation. Just give us a call, tell us about your storage requirements and we will strive to suit your every need.

Rental Containers in Kannapolis

No other company in the Kannapolis NC area can provide shipping containers with the degree of service that we can. If you have a short-term need for a rental storage container for your job site, just give us a call! Monthly rentals of our steel storage containers are available! Let us know about your storage needs and the size you need. Not sure which size is best for you? No problem! Talk to us about your storage requirements and we can determine the best size for you.

Conex Containers

Allstates shipping container officeSometimes referred to as conex containers, shipping containers are the best storage and building medium in the Kannapolis area. Whether you’re looking for storage space or a good starting point for a big project, conex containers are the way to go! People have been able to turn conex containers into some truly amazing things, some you truly may not believe. If you’re curious to learn more feel free to just look around online, you should easily be able to find a lot of great ideas. From homes to mobile stores to pools, they can become just about anything. Conex containers just give you a fantastic starting point for so many projects, having a strong frame and base to work from makes any job easier or dream easier to achieve. So if you have a goal in mind but don’t want to be starting totally from scratch, these containers could be just the solution you needed.

Portable Mobile Office Containers

Portable conex container offices are one of the hottest trends in construction management today. We’ll break down all of the reasons that they’re just better than whatever portable office you have right now. Wooden office trailers are very susceptible to the elements and even things like bugs, water damage, all of the things that you don’t want to have to worry about while you’re trying to work. A shipping container though is far more strong and resistant. So instead of worrying about little things like that annoying leak that keeps dripping, you can focus on your actual work. Are you ever wishing you had a more apt workspace to do your stuff in? With your portable office, you can ensure that you have that space and more! Shipping containers are designed to stand up to the stresses of international shipping for weeks at a time on top of being transported all around the port they arrive in. Portability and strength are the most important factors for our customers, and that’s what you get with a conex container. You can customize your workspace to work best for you, add in transporting shipping containersthe desk space and features that you need with ease. Check out our portable mobile offices page to learn more!

Container Delivery Service

Our containers are secure and ready for delivery to your job site. Just give us a call and we can deliver containers in Kannapolis or any nearby area! We come directly to your location with just a phone call! Need more than one? Just let us know. We have one of the largest inventories of steel storage containers in North Carolina! Learn more about shipping container transport services here. 

Aside from Kannapolis, we also serve surrounding areas such as Pineville North Carolina. Learn more about our Pineville NC storage containers today!

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