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Steel Storage Containers

Shipping containers are a very popular solution for the temporary storage of valued property and equipment.

They are often used by contractors, builders, and construction companies to temporarily store their equipment and tools while working on a construction project.

Uses of storage containers

The types of equipment and tools stored typically are:

  • hand tools
  • mobile offices
  • jack hammers
  • portable generators
  • forklifts
  • scissor lifts
  • air compressors
  • trenchers
  • loaders
  • tractors

They are also used by car dealerships to store valued equipment and tools as well as to store new and used tires. Schools use them to store sports equipment, supplies, classroom furniture and more.  The bottom line is that if you have property you need to store securely without having to worry about vandals, thieves, weather and animals, a water-tight storage container is likely the ideal solution for you.

See Us All Around the Charlotte Area

conex containers charlotteOur steel storage containers can be seen in and around Charlotte, NC.  You will see our conex boxes at job sites, construction sites, and places where people are building houses, townhomes, apartment complexes, retail stores, commercial buildings, industrial complexes and more – even homeowners use them while working on their house.

Additionally, you will see our containers at sites outside of the Charlotte area and all over central North Carolina.  You will see them in Asheville NC, Boone NC, High Point NC, Rockingham NC, Statesville NC – even parts of South Carolina and Virginia. This is why we are known as the go-to storage container service in and around Charlotte, NC.

Dependable storage containers

Our steel storage containers are well known for the ruggedness, reliability and durability.  They are made of 14 gauge steel all the way around.  The bottom of the storage containers uses extra strong cross beams to support a tremendous amount if weight.

The doors use weather tight gaskets to keep water and wind out, which is a great feature of any storage container.  All storage containers also come with a treated plywood floor that is about 1 inch thick allowing for ease of access while entering and leaving the container, either by foot, such as while pushing a pallet jack, or while using a forklift.

Storage container sizes

storage container rolldown door 1 Our shipping containers come in different sizes, but the most popularly used is the 40′ steel storage container and the 20′ steel storage container.  The 20′ shipping container is ideal for many smaller type projects at builders sites and is popular among contractors, builders and other construction jobs.

They are also used by homeowners for major home repair jobs. The 40′ steel shipping containers are often used for larger jobs, such as major construction sites, industrial complexes and other commercial projects.  

They are also used to store used tires before transport.

Uses of Storage Containers

steel container pickupOur storage containers are used for a wide variety of uses and by a wide variety of businesses.

General-Purpose Storage

Our storage containers are often used for general purpose storage.  The door gaskets are water-tight to help protect your materials from water damage, infestation from wild animals and pests and rot and decay that occur from exposure to the elements.

  • Supplies used for farming, gardening and maintain livestock
  • Construction sites to store equipment and tools
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Used tires
  • Tools and equipment
  • Office supplies, files and books
  • Sporting equipment used at recreational fields and schools
  • Boat, motorcycle, bicycles, lawn-mowers,snowmobiles and snowplows
  • Equipment used by police, search-and-rescue, fire-departments
  • Power washing equipment and generators
  • Military storage

Steel containers are also used as shelters or offices:

customizing storage container

  • Office or store
  • Temporary housing
  • Dormitory
  • Mobile field office
  • Temporary office
  • Sandblasting booth
  • Military office, command center and barracks

Steel storage containers are also used for other purposes:

  • To create a barrier or wall
  • Transport goods and materials over sea, rail or by truck