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Shipping Container Transport

Do you need help moving a shipping container that you own? Allstates can help you with all of your shipping container transport needs! Need a conex container picked up from a freight yard? We’ve got you! Need a container moved from one worksite to another? We can do that too! We have specialized vehicles to move your storage container and can handle those all the way up to 40 feet long! Not many container retailers can say that they handle their own shipping, it’s no small undertaking.

storage containers being stacked up in the portWe specialize in:

  • Door to Door Storage Container Moving
  • Moving Up to 40 Foot Shipping Containers
  • Both Stackable and Non-Stackable Containers
  • Secure Transport of Your Storage Container

Why Choose Allstates for Your Shipping Container Transport Needs?

It doesn’t get any easier than buying or renting a container from one company and having them handle all steps of the process, from sales to transport. Bringing other entities into the mix always does nothing but slow the process down – since we do all of our own transport you know you won’t be stuck waiting for your container, we’re going to get it to you as soon as we can. With us, the containers come to you, when and where you would like them, and then leave again just as easily. It doesn’t get any better than the quickest transport possible plus we’ll help you figure out the best place to put your container if you need it!

Second, there’s no rush. It’s possible to take several hours to load your storage containers or even a couple of days. We can hold onto it for a few hours then start delivery of we can wait for a particular day when you know you’re going to be available. Our containers fit readily in reasonably small spaces and are highly weather-resistant, so it’s safe to leave them outside while you load and unload and all of your things will stay safe. Contact us today to learn more – don’t try to move a container yourself it’s very unsafe!

The Value of Shipping Container Transport

transporting shipping containersIncluding delivery as part of both our shipping container rental and shipping container sales is a huge perk for our customers, and it helps us stand out among the competition. Weighing well over a thousand pounds each, we can safely say you will not be able to move these containers without posing a massive safety risk to yourself and others. We don’t just transport containers that we sell, if you’re in the area and you need one moved go ahead and contact us, let’s see how we can help you out!

Just give us a call and tell us where you need things moved and when by, and we can figure something out! You can rely on Allstates to get your shipping container where you need it when you need it and in great shape. Some things are worth just letting the pro’s handle, and something as dangerous as moving a multi-thousand-pound metal container is for many, one of those things.

Our containers are extremely secure, so anything you lock up inside them is going to stay there. If it can survive weeks or months of international shipping it should be fine. You really can’t find such a great mix of security and portability anywhere else.  So, if you’re looking for Charlotte NC storage containers, give us a call, today!