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40ft Storage Containers

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40′ Shipping Containers

40 foot shipping containers are roughly the length of two end-to-end parking spaces.

These storage containers are popular for several reasons; not only do they hold twice as much as the 20′ containers, their cost per square foot is lower than the 20′ containers. These containers are used often at large construction sites, warehouses, car dealerships, contractors, builders, schools and for many other commercial and industrial uses.

They are made of 14 gauge steel providing excellent protection from vandals, thieves, and the weather.

One end of the container has cargo doors that swing open so it is important to keep this in mind when thinking of a spot to place your 40ft storage container.

The doors come with industry-standard weather tight gaskets and are lockable. All-in-all, the 40′ storage containers are the preferred choice for temporary or permanent storage of valued equipment and supplies due to their very secure and weather-resistant nature.

Durable Storage Containers

All of our 40′ shipping containers come with 1-inch thick plywood flooring built to withstand a good deal of weight. This flooring allows for ease of access while transporting your property in and out of the storage container, such as while using a pallet jack or other kind of forklift. It also protects not only the container itself, but also your equipment from metal-on-metal contact. Learn more about all of our shipping containers. 

Shipping Container Delivery

transporting shipping containersIn order to drop off and pick up one of our 40′ storage containers, approximately 100′ feet is needed to adequately allow for safe back-up of the truck while dropping off and picking up the 40′ storage container. Additionally, roughly 12′ in width is needed for safe back-up and delivery of the storage container.

Placing a 40 Foot storage container

When we deliver your 40′ storage containers, we ask that you have an adequate spot ready to place the storage container. It should be a flat surface that is relatively smooth and firm.

We can place it on the ground, such as earth or grass, however, a concrete or asphalt surface is preferred. Many drivers will not drive off-road, except at a construction site, but if you have off-road delivery needs, please let us know about this in advance.


  • 14 gauge corrugated steel
  • 14 gauge steel doors
  • Cam-locking doors
  • 1-1/8″ wood floor
  • Wind and watertight

Uses for Your 40′ Shipping Container

The types of equipment and tools stored typically are:

  • hand tools
  • mobile offices
  • jackhammers
  • portable generators
  • forklifts
  • scissor lifts
  • air compressors
  • trenchers
  • loaders
  • tractors

They are also used by car dealerships to store valued equipment and tools as well as to store new and used tires. Schools use them to store sports equipment, supplies, classroom furniture and more.  The bottom line is that if you have a property you need to store securely without having to worry about vandals, thieves, weather and animals, a water-tight storage container is likely the ideal solution for you.

General-Purpose 40ft Storage Container Uses

Our storage containers are often used for general-purpose storage.  The door gaskets are water-tight to help protect your materials from water damage, infestation from wild animals and pests, and rot and decay that occurs from exposure to the elements.

  • Supplies used for farming, gardening, and maintaining livestock
  • Construction sites to store equipment and tools
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Used tires
  • Tools and equipment
  • Office supplies, files, and books
  • Sporting equipment used at recreational fields and schools
  • Boat, motorcycle, bicycles, lawn-mowers, snowmobiles and snowplows
  • Equipment used by police, search-and-rescue, fire-departments
  • Power washing equipment and generators
  • Military storage

40 Foot Storage Container Dimensions

Container length40’
Container width8’
Container height8’6”
Container door opening width7’8”
Container door opening height7’5"
Container interior depth39’5”
Container interior width7’8”
Container interior height7’10”
Container volume2,350 cu.ft.
Container weight empty8,168.13 lbs.
Container weight - gross67,196.95 lbs.