All State Containers storage containersThe world is still grappling with the widespread disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to keep both health workers and the public safe from the highly infectious respiratory disease, governments, organizations, and healthcare institutions need a steady supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As the demand for these products increases, so does the need for proper storage solutions. One quick solution is to use shipping containers as storage containers.

Why Storage Containers?

Private and public organizations need a lot of storage space that is secure enough to house the critical equipment and be portable and easy to set up. With this in mind, shipping containers have emerged as a proven PPE storage solution.

Here are a few reasons why organizations are modifying shipping containers to store protective clothing, facemasks, and other safety items in their growing inventory to combat the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Portable: Shipping containers are easy to move around, set up at most locations, and relocate when needed. This makes them a perfect storage solution when there’s an overflow of PPEs—even in remote locations.
  • Customizable/Scalable: Shipping containers are arguably one of the most malleable building solutions. For example, an organization can easily modify a shipping container into a climate-controlled PPE storage solution by installing air conditioning and insulation. When demand for the products increases, scaling by bringing in more storage containers is fast and easy.
  • Durable: Containers are made from Corten steel, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and years of sea travel. This robust construction translates into a PPE storage solution that is both durable and secure.
  • Affordable/Available: There are millions of out-of-service shipping containers worldwide. Repurposing them—rather than constructing a conventional building—to store PPE is cheaper and better for the environment, making it a no-brainer for functional and budgetary reasons.

Protect Protective Equipment Storage

As PPE storage becomes more critical and space fills, look no further than a shipping container. It offers a reliable solution for essential services such as health & social care, vital public services, food & necessary goods, education, national security, fire departments, government services, and utility workers looking to store their PPE stock as demand increases. They are highly customizable to meet different needs and very strong.

All States Containers

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