Allstates Containers shipping container storageDecent storage is something that so many businesses and operations need quick and affordable access to. So many people’s storage needs adapt with time as well, so you don’t particularly want to lock yourself into a lease or contract if you may not end up needing all that storage long-term. There are so many storage options out there today, from buildings full of storage units for rent to sheds and extra warehouse-type buildings on your property. But you have not even ever heard of the best option before. Sometimes, shipping containers, referred to as Conex containers, are easily one of the best portable storage options you can have!

Used Shipping Containers are a Great Storage Option

Let’s talk about shipping containers for a minute. You’re likely at least somewhat familiar with what they look like, maybe even how they function to a certain degree. These shipping containers are built to the highest standards, designed to withstand the harshest elements and conditions that the world and open seas have to throw at them. Of course, you always need to do your research and closely inspect anything you buy that has been previously used. Still, you can rest assured that all of the containers we receive at Allstates Containers have NOT taken many international trips (if any), and we inspect all of them in great detail. We will not put a Conex container on our property that we feel isn’t up to our high standards. We offer both brand new, single-use, and used shipping containers for sale and rental. We aren’t here to gouge you and get every penny we can out of you; we want to ensure everyone that needs safe portable storage has that option at a reasonable price.

Finding shipping containers for sale is simple. However, finding QUALITY shipping containers being sold by a reputable retailer is where it gets tricky. What you see is what you get with a shipping container, so in this article, we want to go over a few of the most important things for you to keep an eye out for when buying a shipping container.

Parts of Your Conex Container to Check

Check the function of the doors – The doors and hinges of any part of the container are among the most likely to suffer damage and long-term issues in a used shipping container. Be it from being hit with another container or equipment, constant opening and closing, whatever else. You should be able to open both doors with minimal effort required. If doors feel extra sticky or hard to open, you may want to look at other options.

Check inside and out for rust spots and general damage – No used shipping container will look quite as nice as a brand new one, but they are so strong that wear and tear tend to happen very slowly. Small areas of surface rust aren’t the biggest deal; this is to be expected after exposure to so much saltwater. But any rust that weakens the overall structure will be a problem. Don’t forget to check out the container’s floor as well; that can rust and weaken just like the rest of it! Ask your expert retailer any questions you have about rust that you spot.

Comparing Shipping Containers to More Common Storage Like Sheds

There’s no shortage of outdoor storage options available to you, but they are NOT all made the same. Shipping containers and your average backyard shed are among the most popular and make a great comparison. Everyone has specific needs, and different things may work better for you, but for those on the fence, this can help you make the right choice. A 40′ shipping container will give the average person more storage space than they could ever really use.

Consider the Overall Cost/Your Budget

For many, the cost is the most critical factor. Of course, both have more expensive and cheap options, making it even more challenging to decide. So, your traditional storage shed will arrive on-site already constructed, though some companies still bring it out in pieces and assemble it on site. On the other hand, shipping containers are always fully assembled and can be customized as much as you may want in the future. Used sheds are a huge liability. On the other hand, used shipping containers make up most of the market for being a great combination of price and strength.

Security and Protection

When securing your belongings and assets, you can never really be too safe. Sheds offer decent protection; they lock up tight enough to keep many casual thieves out and have the strength to protect from most weather elements. But if someone wants to enter, they can bust down a wall or something. You essentially need to cut a hole in it with a welder to gain unauthorized access with a shipping container. They are constructed with Corten steel, specially designed for strength and longevity.

Durability is Critical

When it comes to the long-term durability and serving you well for a lifetime, you will find no option better than a shipping container. They are designed for longevity. A strong storm could blow over your shed with no warning, but a shipping container can stand firm through essentially anything.

Keep your Stuff Pest and Rodent Free

Sometimes, regardless of how hard you work to lock your stuff up, rodents and bugs are almost always going to be able to get into your shed. Generally, this isn’t an issue unless you store something perishable or organic, then it can become a disaster.

For a long time, rats/rodents on ships were the main vectors of global disease transmission, and since then, a lot of time and energy has been put into fixing that situation. These containers are welded expertly and sealed entirely from the outside world.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is just how much storage do you or your business need? When it comes to storing awkwardly sized or overly tall items, you can’t beat shipping container storage. Your average 20′ shipping container is 8 feet tall total, giving you much more usable storage space.

Shipping Containers were Designed to be Transported

Shipping containers were designed to be easy to transport, whether on a massive container ship or the back of a truck. Want to move your container somewhere else? We’ll come to load it on the back of a truck and be on our way. It’s that simple! Learn more about shipping container transportation.

So, if you’re in the market for additional storage for your home or business, you’ve likely been able to come to the same conclusion as we have through your research. Shipping containers are essentially all-around the best strong, long-term portable storage option on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our shipping containers! We offer Conex containers for rent as well as Conex containers for sale. Learn more about our container customization needs as well.