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Shipping Containers as Office Buildings?

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So, How Much Can You Fit In A Standard Storage Container?

All States Containers shipping containerThis is a common question among people looking to purchase containers. It’s hard to answer that outright, different things are going to fit differently in the container. The standard response is that you can fit a small to medium sized home’s worth of things inside it. This will give you further insight into the storage capabilities of a standard container. A standard storage container measures 8 by 8 by 20ft and can hold up to 61, 289 lbs fully loaded. This number is important if you’re looking to store anything particularly heavy.

The Dimensions

The standard storage container has heavy lugs at the ceiling and floor level that help it accommodate something as heavy as a vehicle. The container space has to have a condensation/ heat vent to allow it to have enough ventilation once the container space is closed and loaded. Too much heat build-up can be dangerous to whatever you’re storing. As you store things inside your container, it’s crucial that you balance out the weight as evenly as you can. Chances are that the uneven weight distribution might cause an accident. You may have never seen it before, but having bad weight distribution on a trailer, for example, can easily lead to a car flipping over. Same with a storage container, with all the weight behind that, it doesn’t take much to get off-balance.

As you, pack things into the storage container you need to take into account the fact that you would want to take some time to consider how you are going to pack your belongings so that they all fit. Utilize all the dead space you can, especially if your belongings are shaped irregularly. You can store smaller things within these areas, and make the most of your space! This will make it easier to fit everything inside the storage container. You need to understand that the first thing that goes into the storage container will also be the last to come out, so make sure it’s not something you’re readily going to need. Thus, as you store your belongings you might want to consider that and pack the most essential things last. The less empty space you leave, the less movement will happen when the storage container is being transported. If everything is packed nice and tight, you can reasonably assume nothing will get damaged. If you have a bunch of empty space and things moving around, you can expect some damage to occur. It’s best to load in heavy things first, then fill the spaces around them with smaller things.

Storage containers are also great for storing more unconventionally shaped things like; a Washing machine, piano, coffee table, large screen television, dining room tables, and beds. Any oddly shaped things should be able to fit in your container, no problem. If something isn’t going to fit well, you should be able to identify that by eye. Most things, of any size and weight, should fit in a shipping container!