All States Containers shipping containerOver the past few decades, the number of uses for storage containers has exploded, as has their overall popularity. Naturally, storage is what they do best.

A shipping container isn’t always the right storage solution for everyone, but if you need one, it will serve you well for a very long time to come. Shipping containers are relatively affordable when you consider the price of long-term storage container rental, which isn’t even on your property where you can access it at will.

The Uses of Shipping Containers are Endless

A shipping container is your answer to all of your storage needs. They are large enough to easily hold even the most enormous or most awkwardly shaped objects.

One of our favorite uses is a garage – shipping containers are great for storing vehicles! Beyond that, you could use it as a personal workshop and lock up your tools tight and securely. Or, you can use it to store some of your extra things. The size gives you plenty of space to get things organized and look how you want.

You could also consider these other uses for shipping containers:

Packing up for a move: We move for all kinds of different reasons, from downsizing, upgrading, or just getting away! The most stressful part of moving is keeping track of all your belongings. Sure, you can rent a unit from a storage facility, but do you want to have to drive somewhere every time you take a load of stuff and then have to move it yet again to your new home? That’s just a waste of time and gas when you could use a shipping container. You can pack all of your stuff up and have the container transported to your new property so it’ll meet you there with all of your stuff safe and sound.

Storing tools or anything you need handy: It’s straightforward to add shelving and wall storage for all of your tools. Maybe you work from home running your own business, and you need more space to put your products and store outgoing shipments temporarily. Perhaps you love working on your car or motorcycle and need room to stretch out with your tools. Maybe you enjoy 3D printing and need more table space for all your devices. Whatever the case, a shipping container can give you that space while keeping all of your stuff safe.

Refrigerated Containers: If you have perishable goods or prefer climate-controlled storage, that’s an option! Commonly called “reefer containers,” refrigerated shipping containers are available.

Jobsite Storage: At Allstates Containers, we do a lot of business with contractors, home builders, and construction companies of all types. Construction equipment is very pricey. A shipping container is the perfect secure storage option for equipment.

Unmatched Portability

Shipping containers are far more transportable than a storage unit at a facility or a garage/shed on your property.

Remember, Conex containers are designed and fabricated for international shipping. So they can handle your trip wherever you need to go. We can handle all of your shipping container transportation needs. Just be sure that you have a safe place for the container to sit on your property.

Long-Lasting Conex Containers

One key criterion when looking for the perfect storage option is how long you can expect it to last. Why waste your money on something that only has a lifespan of a few years when you need the storage for the long haul? Shipping containers from Allstates Containers are top of the line. They were made to last a lifetime.

A Few Things to Check Before Purchasing a Container

Check the function of the doors – The doors and hinges of any part of the container are among the most likely to suffer damage and long-term issues in a used shipping container. Be it from being hit with another container or equipment, constant opening, closing, whatever else. You should be able to open both doors with minimal effort required. If doors feel extra sticky or hard to open, you may want to look at other options.

Check inside and out for rust spots and general damage – No used shipping container will look quite as nice as a brand new one, but they are so strong that wear and tear tend to happen very slowly. Small areas of surface rust aren’t the biggest deal; this happens after exposure to so much saltwater. But any rust that weakens the overall structure will be a problem. Don’t forget to check out the container’s floor as well; that can rust and wear away just like the rest of it! Ask your expert retailer any questions you have about rust that you spot.

Maximizing the Lifespan of your Container

Make sure your container is sitting on flat, even ground. Resting flat just massively reduces the chance of corrosion from sitting in puddles of water and makes opening & closing your doors far easier. It’s not a bad idea to raise them slightly by putting them on concrete or something strong like a railroad tie.

Clean any dirt & treat rust frequently. Cleaning is easily one of the most critical steps to eliminating the risk of corrosion while greatly extending the lifespan of your Conex container.

Don’t put weight on the roof. It is okay to stack shipping containers. Do not ever stack anything else on the top, though – it could cause sagging if it’s heavy enough. Water could pool on the roof and cause you issues with trusting that you can’t even see!

Replace old work rubber seals. There are not too many parts on a shipping container that aren’t going to be replaceable – but you do want to take the time to inspect and replace moving parts like rubber gaskets and parts of the door. It’s not much, but these little steps go a long way.

Whatever you do, you need to work with the shipping container professionals at Allstates Containers to ensure you are getting the most container for your money. Our biggest goal is your long-term satisfaction. We want this shipping container to serve you well for decades to come! Learn more about shipping container rentals, sales, and shipping container transportation services!