All States Containers shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NCShipping containers are an essential component of international shipping. They are generally cheap, easy to fill, easy to load, and easy to transport over land and sea. They are also extremely durable since their designed for long-distance travel under harsh conditions such as the open ocean. While this makes them vital for transporting goods across the globe, they have plenty of other uses as well. Their uniform, simple design makes them easy to modify, and the fact that they’re so cheap means it’s often less expensive for companies to buy more rather than transport them empty. So there tends to be a lot of them lying around, which makes shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC, or anywhere accessible. So easy, in fact, they can often be purchased pre-modified in a variety of ways.

Construction Site Uses

Construction sites are a great example of such numerous and variable modifications for different needs. There are several ways shipping containers can be used to benefit construction locations.


The most obvious use is probably storage since a sitting container is basically a giant metal box. Containers already have pretty hefty steel doors, so when used for onsite storage, they can be improved with heavy locks and other security measures, making them even more secure against potential theft. Some equipment is just too heavy to move from a site and too expensive or sensitive to be left in the open. A securely locked container is basically a giant safe.


Along with safe, secure, and reliable storage, containers are easy to modify for mobile use as offices and work areas. Having an onsite office is essential for construction and using an old shipping container for the job is easy. Generally, such containers can be purchased or rented pre-modified, though modification is relatively easy to do if needed. For example, adding a door and some windows, along with proper ventilation and the like, into a steel box is pretty easy so that they can be found pre-modified and ready for immediate use.

Medical Station

Another good use for shipping containers on location is modified for use as a first aid station. Accidents happen and having an actual building to help tend to the injured is better than using the back of someone’s truck or the onsite office. Shipping containers are often modified as mobile medical stations, so finding one pre-modified for this function is not difficult. Smaller containers tend to be used for this, so they take up less space and are even easier to mobilize.

Employee Breakroom

When it comes to long-term construction, especially in remote locations, it can be challenging for workers to enjoy their time off, brief as it may be in some instances. Larger containers, when suitably modified, can be turned into local canteens or recreation rooms for workers. This allows employees to enjoy their breaks better and keep up morale. Such an asset easily pays for itself quickly in remote and longer jobs.

Restrooms & Showers

Smaller containers cannot only be used as a first-aid station but also restrooms or shower stalls. Such modifications aren’t as well known as others but can be done and offer more comfort and variability than a portable toilet.


As for long-term, remote jobs, sometimes the workers commuting to the job site isn’t as feasible as city work. Containers modified as temporary barracks or housing are an excellent idea for these jobs. After all, they’re about the same size as a mobile home, making them great for temporary situations like a long construction job.

Shipping containers are easy to modify, durable, and reliable. Their hefty steel is designed to withstand harsh weather and water conditions. With some locks and similar protections, they can be ideal location storage. As for use as offices or the like, HVAC systems, windows, and doors can be added as needed. From that point, it’s a simple matter to add the required furniture and equipment, depending on the building desired for various needs.

Though it might seem like many buildings onsite, it makes sense to have an office, a first aid station, and a breakroom for remote and longer jobs. But, of course, every job is different, so needs will be different. Whatever those needs are, there is a modified shipping container for the job or a shipping container that can be modified to suit the buyer’s needs.

While shipping containers have a lot of uses, the variety of uses just on construction sites makes them ideal for such work. Having storage, showers, a first aid station, an office, and even a barracks on location anywhere quickly, cheaply, and reliably will make for easier construction work, happier workers, and lower costs overall to complete the job.

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