All States Containers shipping container for sale Charlotte NCPeople need to ship all sorts of things that are of different shapes and sizes. This is why sometimes, the only shipping solution that may work is to have a custom container designed to fit your specific needs. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how you can design your very own custom container.

Determine Your Goal

The first step in designing your custom container is to figure out what you need. Containers can be used for various shipping needs and purposes, so it’s important to know what you need them to accomplish. Let’s take a look at some possible shipping goals now.

Shipping Medicine

Shipping containers for medicines has become increasingly popular in recent years, primarily due to COVID-19 but also because countries that could not afford medicine now can.

Pharmaceutical companies require large shipping containers that maintain a set temperature while ensuring the contents do not shift during the shipping process. Outfitting part or all of a container with a refrigeration system will achieve the goal, but there are restrictions on the distance that such a container can be shipped.

Film Industry

The film industry also frequently uses custom-designed containers, especially when sets or props must be flown in for a new movie. Such containers may store and transport large movie props and even entire pieces of movie sets, which need to be available at a moment’s notice for filming. In addition, bins, shelving, and counters can be installed so the container can be used as a workshop on a remote location film set.


Perishables such as flowers or wine may need special shipping containers to stay fresh during transport. This is because these products are fragile and require particular conditions to stay fresh. Again, this has to do with temperature control throughout the transporting of the container. A custom shipping container can help keep the products in perfect condition when arriving at their destination.

Military Equipment

Military equipment is another product requiring special transport conditions for items such as fragile or touchy artillery that could go off if mishandled. Also, unusually shaped equipment in a way that would make it difficult to transport without a specialized container. Custom fitting the shipping container with framing or harnessing will keep the equipment from shifting and possible damage during transport.

Choose Your Design

After determining what you need in a specialized container, it’s time to start planning your design. Here are a few design considerations before you take your plan to a custom container professional.

The first element is functionality. Is your container going to be used for transport and shipping only? Are there any secondary functions that the container needs to be able to handle, such as storing or environmental stabilization? As mentioned earlier, some fragile products may need to be kept in specialized conditions during shipping, such as at a specific temperature or humidity level. Custom containers can be designed with these requirements in mind.

Next, you can start thinking about the actual structure and design of the container. First, choose a basic floor plan, keeping the number of rooms or compartments needed, living areas as required, storage capacity, and more. A professional can help you in this area if you’re unsure of what you need for the floor plan.

Finally, you should establish a budget for your container. Shipping containers can become quite pricey when customized, especially if you need special accommodations such as climate control or living space. For example, if the shipping container is used as an office or housing at its destination, it may need bathrooms and seating.

Because many custom containers are permanent installments, you may also want to consider location. If you’re ordering a container as a storage, office space, or living area, you’ll want to ensure you pick the correct location. Find a property that has level ground and solid soil that will be able to support the weight of the container and its contents.

All States Containers

For such a technical process, you will need the help of custom container specialists. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise to design a specialized container and may not even be able to plan the design without input from a professional. The professionals at All States Containers are more than capable of handling all your custom container needs. They offer a wide range of services tailored to designing custom containers to fit your needs and preferences while working to keep the project within the limitations of your budget. Stellar service at an affordable price is what the professionals at All States Containers do best. If you are searching for a shipping container for sale in Charlotte, NC area, check out our website or call 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.