One part of the container that you must always look out for is the roof. A shipping container roof is a weak spot because if water puddles in any area, it will rust and deteriorate, and you end up with holes. Shipping containers are built to last, and with the proper maintenance, you can prevent deterioration and extend their lifespan.

The best thing you can do for the long-term strength of your container is to purchase it from a quality dealer, keep it clean, and not place any weight on the roof without reinforcement. Here are some more valuable tips from the leading dealer of shipping containers in Fort Mill that you can practice.

Rooftop Tips for a Shipping Container

  • Do not put any weight on the roof.
  • Always get your containers from a credible source
  • Remove water puddles
  • Leave the existing roof system of your shipping container as it is
  • Always remove rust, dirt, and debris on the rooftop

Don’t Put a Lot Of Weight on the Roof

Shipping containers are designed to carry weight on the corners. This design allows the containers to be stacked. The rooftop of a container is not reinforced to support any weight. In a situation where there’s a need for storage or weight to be placed on the rooftop directly, a reputable supplier can reinforce the roof of the shipping container to allow it to withstand this pressure.

If you’re not sure about the strength and rigidity of your container’s rooftop, it’s always best to discuss your concerns with your shipping container vendor. If the container is ISO-certified, it complies with the standard strength requirements and roof rigidity that makes them fit for load-bearing.

Purchase Your Containers From a Credible Source

You can find shipping containers being sold on the internet, but how do you know a reputable source? If you’re buying from a credible source, you would be able to find out the age of the container, its quality, whether you can modify it, or if it has any form of significant damage. The dealer should give you the history of any used container—research diligently before spending your hard-earned money.

Remove Water Puddles And Other Elements

Your shipping container will be affected by elements like snow, ice, or rainfall. Frequent visual inspections of the rooftop as soon as possible will help avoid rust, mold buildup, etc. If you think you might not be able to keep up with inspections, you can opt for shipping containers finished with environmentally-friendly water-resistant paint that lasts longer than oil-based paints. Using this type of sealant will allow a more extended time between inspections.

Leave the Existing Surface of Your Shipping Rooftop as It Is

A shipping container has convex rooftop trusses, which is very different from the sloping roofs you’ll commonly find on buildings. These unique trusses serve a purpose, and that is to shed as much water as possible. It is always better to leave the existing surface as it is.

Remove Rust, Dirt, and Debris on the Rooftop

To maintain the structural integrity of your shipping container’s rooftop, you will need to clean it annually with mild bleach or other cleaning agents. Ensure that dents and holes are repaired or at least covered. Every few years, repaint the whole surface to prevent damage.

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