All States Containers shipping containers Charlotte NCShipping containers are built from a particular type of high-quality steel called Corten. And some of the factors that determine how long it’ll last include the number of years of usage at sea before modifications, the environment where it’s stored, and how it is used. In addition to these, maintaining shipping containers and modified shipping containers can prolong its lifespan even more. The question that lingers remains, “how long ‘precisely,’ should I expect my shipping containers to last?”

The average lifespan of shipping containers is 25 years. That is because they are designed to be sturdy and durable enough to undergo modifications, transport cargo by sea, withstand storage, and much more. According to All States Containers, your source for shipping containers Charlotte NC, following the preventive maintenance tips below will help your shipping containers last many years beyond the average lifespan.

How To Know When Your Container Needs Maintenance

Rust Buildup

Rust build-up can damage the steel of your container; hence you’ll need to check the external parts of the shipping container to remove any trace of rust. To remove the rust properly, you’ll need mild bleach, a broom, and running water. For tougher issues like large dents and holes, your best bet would be to call a professional. Finally, reinforce the exterior finish by painting the whole container surface.

Musty Odors

Musty odors will come from either your air conditioning unit or ventilation. To avoid the musty odors- we recommend that you inspect your air conditioning unit frequently and replace the air filters as required. If you use PTAC (Package Terminal Air Conditioner) units, you’ll need to inspect the air duct lines, condensation drain line, and evaporator coil to ensure they’re as clean as they should be.

Difficulty Opening And Closing Doors

When it becomes a challenge to open and close the doors of the shipping container freely, that’s a sign that it needs maintenance.

First, we recommend adding lubricants to the hinges. The hinges are often constructed from a different type of metal than the rest of the container and are susceptible to rust.

If the bottom of the doors is scraping the ground, the container has become unlevel. Equalize the structure by propping up the lower corners on sturdy railroad ties. Of course, a long-term solution would be to move the shipping container elsewhere and place it on a firm, flat surface.

Be Proactive About Maintenance

To help your containers serve you much longer, here are some of the things you can do to prevent further damages.

  • Check the exterior paint and repaint areas where there are visible signs of rusts and patches
  • Fill major roof dents with a sealant like caulk, as required
  • Check the leveling of the container as often as possible to know when to relevel it
  • Inspect the air conditioning unit and replace the filter when needed.

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