All States Containers shipping container for sale Charlotte NCShipping containers are used by people all across the world for a wide variety of purposes, including shipping goods and even recreational spaces. Depending on what you use your shipping container for, it may differ in how long it will stay structurally sound. So, how long can you expect your shipping container to last? This article will explain what you need to know about this question, including care tips for a longer lifespan, buying tips, and more. Keep reading now to get all the details.

Shipping Container for Sale Charlotte NC: Common Uses to Consider

First, let’s establish a few common uses for shipping containers and how each might impact the container’s longevity.


The first and most obvious use for a shipping container is for, you guessed it, shipping. A sturdy shipping container will keep the contents safe and dry, whether shipping domestically or internationally. If you’re using a shipping container for shipping, there are a few things to watch for to ensure it lasts a long time. After each use, check for damage. Any severe dents could cause small holes that may allow the elements to seep in. Also, check for any rust. Over time rust will diminish the durability of the container. Lastly, check the seals around the doors. If the door does not seal tightly, it can leak.


If your house or business is too cluttered and you have nowhere to keep your extra things, a separate shipping container on your property could be the perfect shipping solution. You’ll first want to consider where it’s located on your property. If the container is placed near standing water, the exterior could be damaged, and potentially the contents inside. Also, avoid aggressive vegetation or pests, which could cause damage if left to tamper with the container for too long.

Personal Space

For many people, having personal space at home is huge. But, for adults busy with work and their families, there may not be a dedicated space to relax and wind down. A custom shipping container can easily be turned into a secluded man cave or she-shed, a space all to your own to customize as you’d like. Your shipping container may suffer the same wear and tear as an average living space, so taking care of it as you use it will be necessary.


Maybe your kids are too crazy and active for your home, or they don’t have a space where they can just let loose. Every kid wants an incredible clubhouse, and a custom shipping container is the perfect solution. First, you won’t have to worry about building this clubhouse because it already comes pre-assembled. Second, you can tailor it specifically to your kids’ preferences, decking it out with some cool features as you see fit.

Art Studio

A shipping container could be the perfect isolated space for you to let loose with your artistic creativity. You won’t have to worry about making space in your home for your art and supplies, as they can all stay in the container where you do your craft. You could also hook it up to utilities for a sound or filming studio. Art studios are messy, and many artists work with potentially corrosive materials. If you’re using your shipping container for a studio like this, clean any potentially hazardous materials.

How To Make Sure Your Shipping Container Lasts

So, now that we’ve established what you might be using your shipping container for and how damages could start to happen, let’s take a look at some tips to avoid such damages. Following these tips, your shipping container is bound to last much longer.

Roof Care

Shipping containers may seem incredibly sturdy, but this is not necessarily true. A shipping container’s roof is not built to support heavy weight, so you should avoid climbing onto it or resting heavy weight on it. This will ensure no roof damage to your container in the long run.
It’s important to note that getting your container’s roof custom designed to hold more weight is possible. In such a case, you would have to take fewer precautions with its roof.

Buy Quality

As you can probably guess, a low-quality shipping container will break down faster than one made with care and high-quality materials. Such quality suppliers like All States Containers are the ones you should go with, who use materials specifically curated to allow your container to stand the test of time. This is one product you don’t want to purchase the cheapest.

Environmental Factors

As we briefly mentioned, be careful of the environment in which you place your shipping container. Standing water, corrosive materials and chemicals, and other hazards could cause your shipping container to break down faster than average.

All States Containers

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