All States Containers shipping container for sale in North CarolinaAre you one of the thousands of people looking to purchase a shipping container? In the last few years, tons of businesses, homeowners, and property managers have begun buying up shipping containers for multiple reasons. Many people have used shipping containers as house-building material to add a guest house or a peaceful workspace on their property—only the lack of creativity limits how businesses and property owners can use these containers.

Shipping containers have become so popular because they are incredibly sturdy, come in multiple sizes, and have a wide range of prices. However, before you go off and buy any shipping container, you need to understand the different sizes and conditions of shipping containers. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started looking for a shipping container for sale in North Carolina.

Standard Sizes

When it comes to shipping containers, there are typically two widely available sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. These two sizes are the most common sizes used for transporting goods across the globe, so most of the shipping containers you see on the market will be one of these sizes. While 20 feet and 40 feet shipping containers offer buyers a lot of flexibility, there are other sizes available: 10 feet, 40 feet high (a high container has a 9.5′ height – a foot taller than the standard 8.5′ height), 45 feet. However, these sizes are more challenging to find and often carry a hefty price tag.


Another major factor in the cost of shipping containers is where you live or where you want the container delivered. Since shipping containers are used for transporting products, they can get anywhere with a truck, but it can be costly the farther away from a waterway the final destination is. Those living near a port city will find better deals on shipping containers and a wider variety. However, for buyers that live far from the ocean or a major city, the options will decrease, and the transport fees can skyrocket.

Quality & Condition

Shipping containers can be sold to the general public. Many shipping containers get sold because they have been damaged and are no longer used for transporting goods. These shipping containers are generally safe to own. Most shipping containers that are slightly damaged are only sold due to safety regulations, even if the damage is minimal. Regardless, there are plenty of high-quality shipping containers that aren’t damaged for sale. While high-quality shipping containers sensibly go for a higher price, it is rare for people to purchase brand-new shipping containers.

Color & Appearance

The color and appearance of the shipping container can also affect the price and let buyers know the actual quality of the shipping container. Since most shipping containers that are sold have already been used, a fresh coat of paint can be deceiving. No matter how nice a shipping container might look, it’s best to check the entire container for any damage that may have been covered up. On the bright side, a well-painted shipping container should be able to handle the elements. On the other hand, shipping containers with faded paint are more likely to rust, harming the structural integrity of the shipping container altogether.


When buying a shipping container, you want to know how well it can handle the elements before customizing it to your needs. For example, if the container needs to be watertight, have that tested before purchasing. One easy way to check this is to get inside the shipping container and close the doors. If you see any light shining through the walls of the container – it’s not watertight. Also, check the rubber seals around the doors if any seals are missing or dried and cracked – the container is not weatherproof.

Consider Its Intended Use

Having a clear understanding of what the shipping container will be used for is likely the most crucial factor when buying a shipping container. In addition, since shipping containers are cumbersome, they usually take heavy machinery to put into the right place. This situation can be incredibly taxing on the property owners since large cranes, and other vehicles may be needed to put the shipping container in the desired location. Plan this out before making the purchase.

Further, due to the weight of the shipping containers, businesses and property owners alike will need to consider the surrounding infrastructure. Putting a shipping container directly on the ground can lead to structural problems down the line. Therefore, depending on the property and size of the container, you may need structural support such as concrete pillars to place a shipping container on your property.

Buy or Rent Today

Whether you’re looking for some short-term storage or an easy way to enhance your property, buying or renting a shipping container is an easy process. Shipping containers are great for homeowners and businesses since they quickly add tons of usable space and can be shipped almost anywhere.

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