All States Containers Shipping Container ModificationShipping containers are perfect for transportation purposes, as the name might suggest. However, with slight modifications, they can also be used for workspace, housing, retail space, commercial kitchens, and even medical clinics. But one area in which using modified shipping containers excel – storage. With all the stuff that people tend to accumulate over time, they can be a great way to store things that take up space in a home or business. This article will cover three reasons why shipping containers are great for storage.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Storage

Unparalleled Convenience

As far as storage goes, there’s no more convenient option than a shipping container. You might wonder why this is, as a regular old storage unit may seem to work just as well.

First, shipping containers can be purchased. In general, storage units are rented. Usually, there is a single proprietor of a building that houses multiple storage units. This arrangement is a problem for people who wish to own the space they’re storing their things. When one purchases the storage container, the owner can choose where it is located and what happens to it – without having to pay a monthly fee that continues forever.

Next, shipping containers are mobile while storage units are not. Mobility is especially beneficial in some circumstances. For example, if you’d like to ship the stored items across the country, you could do that without transferring your things to a truck and then transferring them again at the destination. Instead, the container can be moved intact with all your items stored inside. Shipping containers are specially designed to handle the transportation of goods, meaning your things stored inside will stay secure. You won’t have to worry about damage.

Climate Control

The second reason to use a shipping container for storage is that these containers can be equipped with climate control systems. Having climate control means you’ll easily keep your things dry and free of moisture, mold, or other contaminants while they’re stored inside. The same cannot be said about rental storage units, which may promise a climate-controlled environment, but there may be no way to check this before you store your things there. You could very well end up returning to find your stored items covered in mold, as the air inside the unit was too moist and not controlled in any way.

Many shipping containers are designed to maintain a specific set climate in their interiors. This is because they were intended for shipping sensitive goods, like food or medicine, that require particular conditions to stay fresh and viable. This system is excellent for keeping things dry and in good condition while stored.

Customizable Sizes and Shapes

Lastly, shipping container modification is the ultimate storage option because any container can be customized to your needs. For example, if you need a particular layout for your storage, you can have it designed and installed exactly how you want. With standard storage units, you won’t be able to customize any layout permanently and will have to settle on the as-is design.

You can also get special storage equipment installed beforehand in shipping containers. For example, if you’re storing things that need to be hung up on racks, you can have racks installed to meet your exact needs. You can have shelves, bins, counters, etc., installed to keep everything neat and organized.

Additionally, you can select the size you need for your storage purposes. Instead of finding that your storage space is too small or that half of the unit is unused because it’s too big, you can choose a custom size to fit your specific requirements. You won’t have to settle for someone else’s predetermined storage conditions, unit shape, or size because you can choose all these customizations before making your purchase.

All States Containers

So, if you’ve decided you need a custom shipping container for all your storage needs, you will want to contact All States Containers. As shipping container professionals with a ton of experience and a proven track record of quality and professionalism, we’ll be able to handle all your needs for any storage project. We offer many different kinds of shipping containers, all with different sizes, shapes, and customizable features. The most common shipping container models are either 20-foot or 40-foot containers, giving customers several options. Contact us today at 704-802-7700. We’d love to help you.