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storage container3Construction projects can be frustrating, lengthy, costly and sometimes unnecessary where only temporary housing is required. It’s no wonder why people have come to accept the idea of using steel storage containers in Charlotte NC as homes. The thing with this type of construction is that it simplifies the whole building process for homeowners in ways they never imagined possible. But before you decide to build your very own shipping container home, consider the following basics.

Getting the necessary permits

Like in any other construction project in Charlotte, you’ll need to get a permit from the local building authority. This process can be a little intimidating for the homeowners and that’s why we recommend you work with your contractor to help you in getting the necessary permits. Shipping container homes are unusual and in the same way, their permits will be given after specific details are covered. Make sure no project begins without the required permits.

Shipping container modifications are necessary

If you are about to transform a shipping container into a home, you should be prepared to invest in a number of modifications. Modifications should be safely done with the help of a structural engineer when building permanent housing using a shipping container. This is because, with every added element or holes cut, the container is weakened. You need to ensure that the structural integrity of the container is maintained after the modifications. As a general rule, make sure shipping container modifications are done by experienced contractors.

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Saving on costs

Because steel construction is a huge part of shipping container homes, it can turn out to be costly. The process of steel cutting, welding and framing, that is done during modifications can be very expensive. To cut down on this cost, consider having the modifications done off-site. When the modifications are done before the container is delivered, it makes work easier for you and also saves on costs.

Inspections are a must

Shipping container homes must also be inspected to ensure they are safe and secure for people to live in them. They will have to assess the foundation, any plumbing and electrical work done as well as the architectural design. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced contractors when building this unique home. The building official in Charlotte, NC should provide a certificate of occupancy after conducting the inspection to show that the shipping container home is safe for you and your family.

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