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storage container constructionWhether needed as rental units for quick storage on job sites, or as temporary storage for home improvement projects, steel containers are convenient storage solutions. These portable storage units are becoming increasingly popular because of their affordability and convenience. And also because of the following:

Sturdy. Steel storage containers are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified. They have been engineered with Corten Steel to withstand heavy cargo loads, vigorous climates, and robust stacking requirements. The reinforced steel architecture is highly resistant to harsh weather and security breaches.

Versatile. Steel storage containers are built to work in a variety of locations for a wide range of purposes. You can use them for short term or get one to keep. You can use the container for moving or extra storage, home renovations, or home staging. Portable storage containers come in many different sizes so you are sure to find one to rent or buy that fits your needs.

Mobile. Cargo containers are a wonderful option if you are planning on moving. Apparently, you fixed storage won’t be a great idea if you plan to move to another city or county as you’ll also have to relocate all your things o a new facility. With portable steel storage containers, you don’t have to worry about it.

Secure. Shipping containers are made out of tough steel and have features such as tamper proof lockbox so you need not to worry about your valuable stuff.

Weatherproof. When you put your things in a steel storage container, you can breathe easy knowing your things will stay clean and dry. There are plenty of containers that are wind and water tight and their thick door seals help keep dust and pests out.

Cost-effective. When you have a company like All States Containers deliver the storage container to you, you don’t need to worry about paying mileage and rental on a moving truck, Getting a shipping container is also much quicker and cheaper than building another warehouse or garage space.

Common Uses of Portable Storage Containers

Construction Companies and Contractors. They utilize steel containers for quick and safe storage of tools on site, as well as serve as portable storage moving from one construction site to  another.

Home Owners and Residents. Containers offer convenient storage to provide extra space while renovating or remodeling. Also serve as portable storage and secure solutions while moving.

Retail and Commercial Industries. Provides temporary onsite storage for excess inventory, renovations, new store openings, promotions, and holidays.

Government Entities. Provides prompt, weather resistant storage for disaster relief situations. Steel storage to protect sensitive documents, high-security records and equipment.

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