Shipping Containers – Why Does It Matter What They Weigh?

Portable shipping containers or Conex boxes are found in industries around the globe. From the retail sector to construction, they are designed to transport a wide variety of cargo. Outside of transporting goods, they can facilitate equipment, store furniture, or even...

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Container Working For A Long Time

Shipping containers are used across the globe to transport goods. They can be stacked onto ships, trains, and trucks to get them where they need to go, wherever their destination. Designed to last for years, but more often than not, shipping containers are used once...

Shipping Containers – A Proven PPE Storage Solution

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How To Stack Shipping Containers Safely

Shipping containers are designed to be moved quickly and fit securely on top of one another. Most can be stacked up to nine containers high as the containers' corners are reinforced to distribute the weight evenly. This method ensures that all containers stay in place...

How Does Allstates Transport Shipping Containers?

There are plenty of shipping container vendors where one can purchase a container for personal or commercial purposes. Many container retailers do not transport, but here at Allstates Containers, we handle all arrangements in-house. This service gives you the best...

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Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate a wide range of needs. A standard shipping container comes in lengths of 20 feet or 40 feet long. But buyers are not limited to these standard options. These lengths are just the typical measurement for most containers used around the world and in shipping warehouses.

Know What you Want Before you Start Shopping

Allstates Container shipping containerSellers of new containers can customize them to specific sizes. Any measurement a customer wants can be obtained. Just know that a custom size will cost extra money. The company selling the container will have to build or do alterations; therefore, they will charge an additional fee for that service. Keep in mind most container sellers also charge for the container to be delivered to the requested site.

The most common use for a shipping container, either for commercial or personal use, is storage. Shipping containers make excellent storage units due to their sturdy and air-tight construction.

Conex Containers come in Particular Sizes

For personal use, most people use containers that are 10-20 feet long. Containers of this size have adequate amounts of space for storing personal items. The most common size used on a homesite is the 10-foot container. This size has substantial storage space but is not so large that it is hard to find a location to place. If more room is needed, a 20-foot container can be used, and it could cost less since it is a standard size.

For commercial use, 20-40 foot containers are most common. Storage needs for a business can include files, products, equipment, even an additional office. Companies that need on-site or off-site storage will benefit from using a container. It is a cost-effective way to add storage without building or renting space in an expensive storage facility. A shipping container can fulfill temporary or permanent storage needs.

Be sure of What You’re Buying BEFORE You Buy it

When considering a shipping container purchase, keep in mind what the container will be used for and buy accordingly. New containers are easily found through container sellers. Some companies might have non-standard sizes already on their lot. So check to see what container sizes are available before ordering a custom one.

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