How Do You Stop Condensation In Your Shipping Container?

Condensation inside a shipping container occurs when the temperature inside drops below to dew point. The dew point is the temperature when the airborne water vapor will condense to form liquid water. When condensation forms on the interior of the container, the...

How Shipping Containers Took Over The World

Globalization and free trade across the globe have benefited the economy of every country directly or indirectly. In this trade era, shipping containers have contributed to the ease of transport significantly. The scenario which we see today is very different from the...

A Brief History of Storage Containers

People like stuff. Ever since the first human learned to transform raw materials into useful items, someone else has wanted that thing and been willing to either trade for or purchase that thing. As human culture spread across the globe, people's desire for more stuff...

Shipping Container Sizes and Best Uses

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate a wide range of needs. A standard shipping container comes in lengths of 20 feet or 40 feet long. But buyers are not limited to these standard options. These lengths are just the typical measurement...

What to Look for in a Used Shipping Container

More and more companies are looking for economical ways to acquire additional storage without having to construct another building or lock themselves into a long term lease.  So what are the alternatives?  Shipping containers can be the answer. Used Shipping...

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The Case for Conex Containers as Mobile Offices

The shipping container has revolutionized how cargo is transported, and now because of high transportation costs, importers choose to buy new ones rather than re-using the slightly-used units they already have, creating an over-surplus of containers sitting idly by. It just so happens that these steel boxes provide the perfect solution for anyone looking to build affordable an affordable mobile office because, with a few modifications and lick of paint, they can be transformed into a comfortable, functioning ground-level offices. Shipping container modifications are hot right now, and they are being used to build anything from art, fashion pop-ups, free pop-up clinics, restaurants, and even as homes for the poor at times. The number of potential uses is massive, if not endless.

Tons of Sizes and Configurations to Choose From

Shipping containers come in the most common sizes including 8′, 10′, 20′ and 40′, which leave a lot of room for creativity in terms of configuration and on-site placement. There are also high cube containers that are 9ft 6in tall and 8ft 6in wide, making them 1ft taller and 6ft wider than standard height containers. The size you need really just depends on you, most people don’t need anything much bigger than your standard 20′ container at the end of the day if anything people just go up to the 40′ shipping container. We can talk with you individually about what we think may best fit your needs, contact us anytime!

Shipping containers provide the most affordable and convenient ground-level office space solution for construction sites, mining operations, and other temporary work sites. Even if your actual office floods one day and you need a workspace just for a few days, we’ve got you covered. They can be placed just about anywhere with a level surface, and it’s already recommended to actually not set it directly on the ground and brace it with something to keep it even, so with that we can get the container to sit right in most places. A wooden trailer, for example, will not be able to sit on anything but a completely flat surface unless you want it to twist and risk breaking. Charlotte shipping containers are extremely strong, but you need to be mindful and take good care of them if you want them to last you for the foreseeable future.

A Better, Stronger Portable Office

Among the many reasons why people build with shipping containers are affordability, mobility, customizability, and strength to name the most popular. They make a good sturdy construction base, they are relatively inexpensive, and require little maintenance to stay in good shape. Another great thing about these offices is that these containers could be sitting in a field rusting away after just one use while they’re still in great shape, or we can turn them into truly amazing things.

The interior of the container is really yours to decide what to do with. You’ll probably want A/C if you do plan on spending any time on-site working in your portable office. You could add in shelving or other storage means for your crew to put things like food, clothes, work materials, anything really. A lot of people who use our office containers like to put in chairs and other seating so workers can come in out of the heat and take a break! Whatever your needs are and whether you’re looking to rent or buy a Charlotte mobile shipping container office we’ve got you covered. Contact us and check out our portable office page for more info!