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Shipping containers are used across the globe to transport goods. They can be stacked onto ships, trains, and trucks to get them where they need to go, wherever their destination. Designed to last for years, but more often than not, shipping containers are used once and then set aside because it’s cheaper to discard them than have them returned empty.

Shipping Container Care

This system means that many empty shipping containers are lying around. These containers can be used for storage or converted into portable offices, classrooms, and clinics. Though they are designed to last for years, some simple shipping container care is all that’s needed to help them last even longer.

Rust and Hinges

Essentially a giant steel box, rust is a shipping container’s greatest enemy. Though they won’t rust quickly, they need to be kept free of standing water, and their paint maintained. Hinges and latches are the weak points with paint and should be repainted as required. Also, keep them well lubricated to prevent jams. Steel against steel can easily rust or seize up, so making sure hinges keep moving is essential. When opening containers, the right door is opened first. An eye should be kept on its hinges as they’re likely to show wear before any other of the container’s moving parts.

Level Floor

The bottom of a shipping container can also suffer damage if neglected. Containers rest on their corners, not the bottom, so placing them on a level surface above the ground keeps the container’s bottom dry to prevent rusts and dents. The placement site needs to be level; otherwise, the container might bend or warp due to uneven weight distribution. If multiple containers are stacked on top of each other, the location must be firm enough to support the additional weight preventing sinking into the soil. Grading and the use of concrete or gravel can help.

Extended Life

Shipping container care isn’t extensive or overly involved, and most of the work is keeping them dry. As long as a shipping container is kept free of rust and the hinges mobile, the container can continue to be used in various ways. Just because one’s no longer transporting goods doesn’t mean it can’t be reused for another purpose for a long time.

All States Containers

If your business needs additional storage, shipping containers are a great solution. With regular shipping container care, they can last for many years. All States Containers can meet all your storage and shipping container needs. Call us at 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.