All States Containers storage containersWhen it comes to construction, shipping containers aren’t usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds. However, the fact of the matter is that there is a whole host of benefits that come with shipping containers, making them the ideal solution to so many projects. Here, we’ll cover just a few of the reasons why shipping containers should be your material of choice


Shipping containers are designed to keep their contents safe and secure through extreme, rough weather. That means they need to be incredibly durable – which also makes them the perfect pick for construction. They are more than strong enough to build a home out of, and that gives them a considerable edge over other eco-friendly alternatives like recycled plastics. So long as you take care of the steel, your shipping container buildings will last for decades without ever springing a leak.


Right now, we’re in a bit of a housing slump, as the next generation struggles to afford the high costs of housing. However, shipping containers offer a smart solution to this problem. The average 40ft shipping container costs under $2,000, but gives you an impressive 320 square feet of living space. Put three of them together, and you’ve got an incredible 1000 square feet for under $6,000.  With the average price of a house and land being over $300,000, shipping container construction can bring that cost into a more affordable range for many people even when adding the expensive of modification.


One of the main reasons why plenty of people choose to build homes out of shipping containers is the fact that they are an eco-friendly option. With more and more of us conscious of our impact on the environment, and keen to reduce our carbon footprint, using recycled materials is the obvious choice. Around half a million shipping containers are abandoned every year- instead of letting all that steel (some 7,700 lbs per container) go to waste, why not reclaim it? Saving you money, and protecting the environment- what’s not to like?


Finally, one of the great things about shipping container homes is that they are incredibly portable. All you need to do is ensure that they are securely held down while you’re living inside them, and you can transport them just about anywhere! Since they are so quick to build and set up, they are the ideal housing solution if you need to move around – or if you just feel like living that nomad lifestyle.

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