Site Preparation For Your Shipping Container

Preparing a site for a shipping container to be delivered will ensure there are no problems once the container is in place. This planning needs to be careful and thorough. The location where the container will sit needs to be decided based on several factors. One...

Shipping Containers as Office Buildings?

The Case for Conex Containers as Offices The shipping container has revolutionized how cargo is transported, and now because of high transportation costs, importers choose to buy new ones rather than re-using the slightly-used units they already have, creating an...

Help Your Container Last a Lifetime

How to Properly Maintain Your Shipping Container So It Can Last You A Lifetime Shipping containers are naturally built to handle extreme temperatures and conditions like those of the open sea. Although, this does not mean they are indestructible and with time they...

Let’s Compare Sheds and Shipping Containers

Storage Shed vs Shipping ContainerOutdoor storage options vary greatly but two of the most popular and commonly found ones are storage sheds and shipping containers. If you're stuck trying to decide what you need, go ahead and give this a read and it should help you...

Storage Container Maintenance

The Ultimate Tips for Maintaining Your Storage Container Do you own a storage container or are actively looking for shipping containers for sale? Are you finding it difficult to effectively maintain your storage container? This guide will help you learn the ins and...

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What to Expect When Expecting Your New Shipping Container

storage containers being stacked up in the portShipping containers are very useful and you can use them for a multitude of things, especially more so with popular upcoming trends such as shipping container bars, shopping outlets, and container homes. Though most people only use shipping containers for storage of things like household goods or furniture, there are many more broad uses for it.


It is good to have one place to store your things, but in the event that you have to send these items to another place or relocate then you can buy shipping containers for sale in Charlotte. The good thing about these Conex containers is that one you buy one, you can keep any items you want to transport and ship or move them anywhere you want. They were literally made for transporting goods, so safety and security are not at all a concern when it comes to shipping containers.


Regardless of the brutality of the weather conditions or any damage caused by outside damage to your shipping container, there is a high chance that it will stay intact and stay strong. Your conex container can last you for even 20 years as long as you take care of it and maintain it regularly. You will not have to worry anytime there are harsh weather conditions in your area because shipping containers in Charlotte will hold up no question. With durability comes ability to withstand pretty much all types of weather. From snow to heavy rain, nothing should permeate your container.


All States Containers storage containersWhen you use good quality shipping containers to store your things, you can rest assured that they are going to be secure. Another advantage of a conex container is that you can have it installed with effective locking mechanisms to make sure your things are even more secure all through the year. Conex containers are extremely secure in comparison to trailers and wood buildings. The doors of shipping containers are usually equipped with heavy-duty rubber gaskets and steel locking arms meaning they are sealed off from the elements and any intruders or rodents. Most legitimate manufacturers of storage containers install the same locking mechanisms in their units but you can add customized modifications to these locks to give you peace of mind.


This is an obvious advantage of using shipping containers, especially when you consider that they come in sizes as long as 40′. You can keep plenty of items in these storage containers for as long as you want. They are also good for storing away business documents for some time or off-season products for your store, landscaping items, or furniture. Fortunately, these Conex containers come in all kinds of sizes and you can choose the right a container with the size that fits your specific needs.

Ability to Customize

Another advantage of buying a shipping container is that you can convert it into something else like a bar, an office, or even a home. With a container conversion, you can have a bespoke storage container for your specific needs. Even something like mobile construction offices, a 10′ container would be a great medium to make one of those.

Shipping Container Accessories

Shipping containers for sale in Charlotte can also have container accessories like moisture-trapping products, internal racking, container lock boxes, and additional storage. These moisture-trapping products can help to reduce any condensation that builds up within the container. The more you can do to take care of your container, the longer it will last you!

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