Shipping Containers – Why Does It Matter What They Weigh?

Portable shipping containers or Conex boxes are found in industries around the globe. From the retail sector to construction, they are designed to transport a wide variety of cargo. Outside of transporting goods, they can facilitate equipment, store furniture, or even...

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Container Working For A Long Time

Shipping containers are used across the globe to transport goods. They can be stacked onto ships, trains, and trucks to get them where they need to go, wherever their destination. Designed to last for years, but more often than not, shipping containers are used once...

Shipping Containers – A Proven PPE Storage Solution

The world is still grappling with the widespread disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to keep both health workers and the public safe from the highly infectious respiratory disease, governments, organizations, and healthcare institutions need a...

How To Stack Shipping Containers Safely

Shipping containers are designed to be moved quickly and fit securely on top of one another. Most can be stacked up to nine containers high as the containers' corners are reinforced to distribute the weight evenly. This method ensures that all containers stay in place...

How Does Allstates Transport Shipping Containers?

There are plenty of shipping container vendors where one can purchase a container for personal or commercial purposes. Many container retailers do not transport, but here at Allstates Containers, we handle all arrangements in-house. This service gives you the best...

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40 foot storage containerSteel shipping containers are so far the most effective way to get goods across nations fast and easy especially in large quantities. The best thing about these containers is that they can be reused to store items in the same conditions they are in. There are many places in Charlotte NC, whether online or offline that you can acquire storage containers for your own needs. Here are a few steel shipping container uses that you can embark on.


This is one of the most obvious uses whether you are planning to do it at a personal or commercial level. Storage containers are ideal when you are in need of extra storage space in the home or workplace without having to build up new structures for the same.


One of the most versatile uses for a steel storage container today is modern housing. There are many amazing designs and concepts that have been developed for residential housing today thanks to the structure of the steel container. Steel containers come with unmatched structural strength that enables them to be easily converted into home spaces with the incorporation of other materials such as glass, wood, metal and glass. The fact that they are considerably cheaper and easier to use makes them a cost effective option for those looking for something different when it comes to housing. The containers can be easily stacked onto each other to create stories and can be easily fused to create some very interesting designs without compromising their structure which is what make them ideal.

Portable shelters

Portable structures are an easy way to move your business from one place to another at minimal cost. Steel storage containers make this possible due to the fact that they are detachable allowing mobile clinics, pop up shops and mobile homes to become a reality. These are easily mounted on trailers and moved to a preferred destination without affecting the integrity of the structure.

Swimming pools

The cost of building a swimming pool can be quite intimidating for most home owners and thankfully, this has been made easier due to the fact that steel storage containers allow one to create interesting concept swimming pools at minimum cost. The fact that they already come in container forms makes them easy to modify and create swimming pools by combining them or simply doing small ones.

Other ideas include creating exhibition stands, restaurants, training facility simulators and simple storage. All these are forms of shelter are used at different levels proving that a steel container is as versatile as building options get.

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