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All States Containers shipping containersAre you looking to get shipping containers?  A lot of people today are wanting to purchase these versatile containers.  Whether they are for homes, storage, or office buildings, they are known to be able to hold up to a beating.  One of the first questions that people ask is how much will a shipping container cost?  Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will affect cost.

Brand New/Used/Rental

There are three options for purchasing shipping containers: brand new, used, and rental.  Rentals will be the cheapest option for the short term but the longer you need them, the more expensive they will be.  Brand new containers will be of the highest quality and therefore, their price will also be the most expensive.

If you don’t need the shiniest or newest container, buying a used container will save you the most money.

Size of Container

In most areas of the country, you will typically be able to get 20 and 40-foot shipping containers for much better prices than any other size out there.  These sizes are standard for the shipping industry, and there is a significant quantity available.  Other sizes can be found at deal prices, but it takes some work to locate these deals.

Your Location

Shipping containers can be found cheap if you live (or are shopping) near a port/shipping yard, especially an international port.  When a container is damaged or has reached a certain age, they are sold, and that is an opportunity for purchasing one.   If you want to buy one and do not live near a port, you will have to pay transport fees and other associated costs.

Quality and Condition

Not all shipping containers are built with the same quality.  Some containers get sold because they are damaged.  You will pay more for a higher quality shipping containers and also pay more for those that weren’t damaged.  In many cases, damaged shipping containers only receive minor damage and are removed from service for safety reasons.

Shipping containers appear at every port for sale, but they have become very popular.  If you want to get the best prices on shipping containers, you might need to shop around.  You will also have to do your best to get to the sales first.  The best deals go quickly.

For more information on purchasing a shipping container, contact All States Containers at 704-802-7700.