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Home1Have you ever purchased a conex box or shipping container before? These containers are usually available in different sizes and conditions. You need to know what type of container suits your needs best before purchasing one. Here’s a simple guide to help you the next time you want to buy a conex container in Charlotte NC.

Understand the standard sizes

Conex containers usually come in two standard sizes – 20’ and 40’ containers. You have an option to buy either a used or new container. The most ideal size will depend on how you intend to use it. If you are looking for a container for storage, the 20’ container would be most ideal. 40’ conex boxes are large enough to store items and still work as a living space.

Check the condition of the container

You need to determine whether the conex floors and doors are in good shape before purchasing one. The floors are usually prone to rotting. If you notice any signs of rotting or repairs, be sure to ask. Inspect the doors as well to ensure there’s no extensive damage due to rust. Check if the conex roof has dents where water can easily collect and expose the container to rust.

Check the color and appearance

The overall appearance of the conex box should be pleasing to you. Check if the box is painted well and still looks as good as new. Be cautious because painting can be done to hide major issues beneath.

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Is it wind and watertight?

When you close the container, do you notice any areas where daylight is showing through while inside it? This could be a sign that the container is not wind and watertight. Make sure you buy a container that can withstand the harsh conditions you are likely to expose it to.

Find an ideal space

Where do you intend to place the container after your purchase? You may need to have some custom modifications done in order to make the container fit perfectly in the given space. Depending on how you intend to use it, doors, windows and insulation are possible additions.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Conex boxes do not come cheap so make sure you are getting value for your money. Ask the company to provide you with a guarantee. This helps to protect you as a buyer should anything happen after you’ve bought the conex box.

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