A Brief History of Storage Containers

People like stuff. Ever since the first human learned to transform raw materials into useful items, someone else has wanted that thing and been willing to either trade for or purchase that thing. As human culture spread across the globe, people's desire for more stuff...

Shipping Container Sizes and Best Uses

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate a wide range of needs. A standard shipping container comes in lengths of 20 feet or 40 feet long. But buyers are not limited to these standard options. These lengths are just the typical measurement...

What to Look for in a Used Shipping Container

More and more companies are looking for economical ways to acquire additional storage without having to construct another building or lock themselves into a long term lease.  So what are the alternatives?  Shipping containers can be the answer. Shipping containers are...

How Are Shipping Containers As An Outdoor Storage Option?

Shipping containers can be purchased to assist anyone that needs additional space to store their household goods. These containers are built to protect assets from extreme weather conditions and against damage from insects and rodents. Best of all, the shipping...

How Can a Storage Container Increase Job Site Security?

Shipping Containers are among the best Secure Storage Your Job-site can get For quite a while now storage containers that are no longer suited perfectly for overseas travel have been moved inland and are being converted into offices and homes. They are sturdy, with...

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40 foot storage containerStorage or shipping containers have way more uses besides ferrying cargo over long distances on ships and trains as they are commonly known for. They are often available in twenty and forty feet sizes and available in a huge selection of designs. If you are looking for the ideal storage, then you should consider buying a steel storage container for the following reasons.

Fits a variety of storage uses

You can use these storage containers as temporary storage when you are doing home renovations, storage for tools and equipment at commercial and residential construction sites, repurpose them into simple buildings or use them as portable storage for your goods. Steel containers Charlotte NC are quite versatile and an affordable way to store your items. Instead of building a new storage building, you can just buy the containers fast, easy and at your convenience.

Strong and Secure

The container manufacturing is standardized by ISO (The International Organization for Standardization). Therefore, every container has a strong and sturdy structure manufactured from high-quality steel to withstand extreme weather and heavy cargo loads, and even robust stacking. The reinforced steel design is guaranteed to provide safe and secure storage for your items for as long as you need. These containers are very resistant to security breaches based on their strong design.

Reusable and recyclable

Green initiatives are a big part of consumer trends today and you can play a part by buying a steel storage container. It is beneficial to the environment since you can re-use it for various activities and reduce the amount of waste in the environment. From a shipping container to a garden shed or a food kiosk, the amount of things you can do with a container is quite amazing. Used storage containers are just as good as the new ones due to their sturdy design, a simple paint job can give it a completely new look. Buying a storage container in Charlotte NC is simply an investment and if you are ever strapped for cash, you can sell it again. It can even be recycled and used in the production of other metal products.

Easy loading and unloading

Since they are not very high from the ground, storage containers are easy to load and unload. The shape of the container also makes it easy to stack up items to the roof and you can fit so many things in one container at a single time.

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