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construction site storageSince construction sites are very temporary spaces, most businesses prefer renting storage containers to fulfill a variety of needs. The storage container can act as a storage space where they keep construction materials. It can also work out as an office where certain administrative tasks are carried out on location. In other situations, a storage container is used as a kitchen or sleeping space for the construction workers. Before you start shopping for construction storage containers in Charlotte NC, read the helpful tips below.

Get a permit

You need to find out what type of permit is required before setting up the storage container in your construction site. There’s a high chance the container will not be a permanent structure in the construction site. In that case, you are likely going to need a temporary permit. Permitting requirements will vary depending on factors such as the closeness of the site to residential areas. You may also be restricted as to how long the container can be allowed on site and the distance from property lines.

Know what size you need

Construction storage containers come in standard lengths of 20ft and 40ft. But there are other suppliers who have customized the sizes to suit different sizing requirements. Know the dimensions that would be best for your construction site. If you are not sure of the exact size you need, you can discuss with local suppliers in Charlotte NC regarding the customization options available. Most of them will give you reliable advice because they have valuable experience in the industry. They are likely to know what size is perfect for your business.

All States Containers

Consider the critical features

Other than the size of the storage containers, other features such as the grade of the container and its structural integrity are important. If you choose a container that has dents then you will soon be dealing with issues like rust and leakage. Stay away from containers that have holes. It’s also important to find out if the container is wind-tight and waterproof. Find out if the container has been treated before using chemicals. Some chemicals may leak and ruin your stored items.

Inspect the container

If it’s your first time buying a construction storage container, you may not know what to look for during an inspection. We would suggest you hire someone qualified to do the inspection for you. If you are not able to physically inspect the container, ask the supplier to send you pictures of the one you will be renting or buying.

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