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From building homes to storing and moving items, cargo containers have a variety of uses. There are a number of places in Charlotte NC where you can get the container you need at a price you can afford. It’s important to exercise caution and get value for your money when making this important purchase. Let’s look at some key features of cargo containers for sale in Charlotte NC.

Structurally sound

Doesn’t matter how you intend to use the cargo container, it needs to be structurally sound. One of the things to look out for is whether the container has holes or openings in it. You can tell that the container is not properly sealed if you notice daylight from the inside when the doors are closed. The best containers are also watertight.


If you will be using the cargo container for storage, find out if it’s perfectly secure. Most containers come fitted with a lock box that makes it hard for someone to break in and steal its contents. If the container is not properly secured, you risk incurring extra costs on installing a lock box.


Check the floor of the cargo container and ensure it is in proper condition. Most containers come fitted with wooden floors that should be intact. If you notice missing planks of wood or floorboards it means you’ll have to spend extra on flooring. This is especially an important feature if the container will be converted into a living space.

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Markings and dents

If you are planning on having the cargo container in your business or residential space, don’t let it steal your property’s aesthetic value. Make sure the container you buy looks presentable. Dents and markings on the cargo container can be very costly and hard to repair. It’s best to go for a container that doesn’t have dents especially if you are planning to incorporate it in your living environment.


The most suitable size of cargo container will depend on your needs. Cargo containers come in standard sizes but you can always modify them to suit your needs. Do some little research on the types of cargo containers available in Charlotte NC. Consider the items that need to be stored in the container when determining the size. The width and height of the container are the most important measurements. If the items to be stored require a certain width, there are containers designed to fit those demands.

Our steel storage containers (ISO containers, conex boxes, shipping containers, construction equipment storage containers) are commonly used for temporary storage of tools and equipment on job sites and construction sites. Call us and let’s discuss how we can help you!


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