There are plenty of shipping container vendors where one can purchase a container for personal or commercial purposes. Many container retailers do not transport, but here at Allstates Containers, we handle all arrangements in-house. This service gives you the best possible price. There are several options available for transporting shipping containers. Here are possible transportation options depending on the circumstances.

Modes of Transport

Tiltbed Truck

One method is transporting shipping containers by truck. The type of truck used is determined by several factors, such as the container’s size and how accessible its destination. For distances of less than 200 miles, it is recommended to use a tilt bed truck. With this type of truck, the truck’s bed tilts at an angle and allows the shipping cart to slide off easily. This delivery system makes it easier for the driver to arrive on-site and deposit the container on the ground without additional heavy equipment. One thing to note is that tilt bed trucks require a large amount of room to access the area where the container is to be deposited. The ground also needs to be level, dry, and firm.

Flatbed Truck

Another option is a flatbed truck, which would be used to move your container more than 200 miles. Tilt bed trucks are costlier to operate per mile, so flatbeds tend to be more cost-effective. The flatbed truck will require a crane or a forklift to lift the shipping container off the truck’s back because it does not tilt and has a fixed bed with no surrounding walls.

Step-Deck Truck

For transporting a high-cube container with a taller wall, step-deck trucks are required. This vehicle also has a fixed platform, but it is lower to the ground to accommodate a taller load. Like a flatbed, this type of truck also requires a crane or forklift to unload the container.


If you are near rail lines, a train is another option. Additional logistics must be considered, though. Rail transport is expensive, and you also need to arrange transport to and from the train. Because of logistics, this solution is seldom used.


Shipping containers were first intended to be used on ocean going ships. Like trains, additional logistical concerns may make this a non-feasible option.

Allstates Containers

No matter the circumstances, we’ll recommend the best way for transporting shipping container and deliver to the desired site. For more information, contact Allstates Containers at 704-802-7700.