If you are looking for shipping containers in Gastonia NC, Allstate Container offers a wide range of viable business solutions—from storage units and workshops to on-site offices. Repurposing used containers promises customizability, quick modification, portability, durability, security, and affordable structures.

But just like any other structure, it’s crucial to prepare the site for the delivery of a new shipping container. This preparation allows businesses to put the container to work faster—while saving valuable time. Here are a few tips to help you prepare a site for a shipping container.

Preparing a Site for a New Shipping Container

Allstates Container shipping containers GastoniaPreparation starts with understanding the risks involved and devising plans to mitigate them. Common problems associated with a poorly prepared site include the sinking of the container, flooding, and damaged doors/hinges.

Check the Accessibility of the Site

How will the container get to the site? Is there enough space for a truck? Although a crane can help drop the shipping container in an inaccessible location, it’s an extra expense. Also, ensure the specific drop point is sufficient to accommodate a 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Ground

The general rule of thumb is to place a shipping container on level, dry land. Whether it’s a parking lot or bare earth, the ground should have less than a two-degree grade. Concrete or gravel pads may also help reduce the risk of a shipping container shifting to an unlevel position. It’s essential to check for any applicable codes/permits with the local jurisdiction before setting up a structure.

Prepare for Plumbing Connections

storage container rolldown door 1Confirm the availability and accessibility of septic/sewer lines around the drop site—and schedule an appointment with a plumber. Water and sewer lines should be connected by a licensed plumber to ensure safety and health standards are met.

Prepare for Electrical Connections

Reach out to the container manufacturer and request information regarding the amperage and number of exterior disconnect panels that are compatible with the container. Contact a licensed local electrician and agree on the pricing and scheduling of a connection. Please note that construction projects—including plumbing and electrical—are often regulated by codes, and you may need to confirm the need for a permit from the local jurisdiction.

The great thing about a shipping container structure is that it is ready to use once it is placed. Move in the furniture, file cabinets, tables, chairs – whatever is needed, and you are set to go.

Container placement is an important consideration to make before the delivery of a shipping container. For more information on preparing your site for a shipping and storage container, contact Allstate Containers at 704-802-7700.