All States Containers shipping container for sale Charlotte NCShipping containers are handy, durable, and versatile. While designed to transport large quantities of goods safely over long distances, the containers can be modified and used for many purposes—for example, portable classrooms, offices, and on-site storage. Shipping containers are, at their core, giant metal boxes. They are readily available and, thus, relatively inexpensive. To get the maximum lifespan from a shipping container, buy a new one, but it isn’t hard to find used ones for sale for significant savings. Containers can also be rented.

Single-Trip Containers

Single-trip containers have only been transported once. They are often sold because it is too expensive to send them back to their homeport empty. While single-trip containers are more expensive than buying used containers (“used” is defined as multiple trips and 8-12 years old), it’s still cheaper than renting a container. Rental periods are usually a minimum of eighteen months. Another major problem with renting a container is that the renter has to keep them in the same shape and form – no modifications permitted. Someone wanting to obtain a container to modify it will have to consider other options. Buying new can save money on alterations because new ones can be purchased already modified and ready to use.

New Containers

New containers will retain their value better than used ones. Resale value usually isn’t a major concern since the containers are inexpensive, but it’s good to know if selling it in the future is part of the plan. Buying new is often also faster because the container is prepped and certified for use. While often well-maintained, used containers may not be immediately ready, depending on the buyer’s needs.

Best Value

Used containers might save money in the short term, but the container may have a short lifespan due to age. New containers are the best option for long-term durability and reliability. In addition, new containers can be purchased ready to use with all modifications already completed. For the best possible value and modification ability, single-trip containers are the top choice. They retain their value because they last longer than used containers, and they don’t have the additional costs of renting.

All States Containers

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