All States Container conex boxes for sale in GreensboroCovid-19 was a “black swan” event in the international shipping industry and has caused issues never before seen in the supply chain. Already, this unforeseen disruption in global trade has caused delays and led to the current surge in freight rates. As the effects of the pandemic continue to trickle down the supply chain, the shortage of shipping containers worldwide is fast becoming a new norm. Hopefully, things will change for the better shortly. In the meantime, there are Conex boxes for sale in Greensboro NC, at All States Containers.

The Challenge In Brief

Most of the shipping containers available today, especially in the U.S., are manufactured in China. And because it was easier and cost-effective for freight shippers to bring in new shipping containers (loaded with cargo) from China, they were unlikely to ship empty containers to China after use.

This imbalance in trade volume has existed for quite some time, especially before the pandemic. It was the reason for the enormous amount of empty shipping containers in North America.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the demands on transpacific trade lanes have skyrocketed. More so, since Conex containers are in short supply, the rates on international container shipping have massively increased.

At All States Containers, we believe this is the real problem behind the present freight delay. Luckily, there are still Conex boxes for sale in Greensboro. And they might be the go-to solution at this time.

The “Black Swan” Event- What Does This Mean?

First things first: The term “Black swan” seems to be the latest buzzword in the international trade zone. Ideally, the term refers to an unpredictable event that has grave consequences. However, the extremely rare events like what is happening in the trans-pacific trade zone perfectly compliment the phrase.

How Did We Get Here?

The Coronavirus outbreak started in China, causing many blank sailings (i.e., sailings that the carrier has canceled) that resulted in containers being stranded in China. It’s the primary reason for the short supply of containers in the U.S and several other countries. Currently, freight shippers are dealing with these significant factors:

  • Delays in cargo unloading in China
  • Enormous pressures on the global supply chain
  • Locating empty containers to fill
  • Delays on return trips of ships that sailed to China
  • Mandatory quarantine on incoming ships (up to 14 days as seen in the U.S.)

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the reasons causing the surge in freight rates. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to tell what the future holds.

All States Containers

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